ReAGEN Lift Up Ampoule 30ml

A premium anti-wrinkle skincare range that addresses the concerns of adult skin, containing ingredients that give skin elasticity while firmly moisturizing it.

Lineup that luxuriously gives firmness and elasticity of the ReAGEN Series

A luxurious blend of edelweiss callus culture extract that gives skin firmness and elasticity and gold that improves the skin's metabolism. It restores the original glow and leads to brighter skin.

ReAGEN Lift-Up Ampoule

Adenosine is a component that promotes collagen synthesis, giving the skin a feeling of firmness. It also has the effect of increasing the metabolism of the skin, making the skin beautiful and radiant forever. Gold promotes firmness and increases skin metabolism. Keep your skin glowing and radiant forever. It is dermatologically tested. A solution that has completed clinical trials at a research institute, that means it doesn't trigger allergies.

Test Research Institute Name: Dermatology, College of Medicine, National Chungnam University

Trial period: 21st to 25th November 2016

How to use

1. Take an appropriate amount with a dropper.

2. Apply all over the face and press with the palm of the hand to absorb.

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