RADICALCLEAR cleansing foam 120ml

A cleansing foam with nanoparticles that penetrate deep into pores. The dusty foam containing pearl extract gives your skin a glowing finish.

Daily cleansing series that can be used even on sensitive skin RADICAL CLEAR®

Soothing care and patented moisturizing ingredient "Natural Protector" for hydrated and comfortable skin, even after washing your face.

RADICALCLEAR® CLEANING FOAM Transparent radical cleaning foam

A mildly acidic cleansing foam that can be used even on sensitive skin. Removes make-up while taking care of keratin and sebum, leaving stressed skin moist and smooth. Easy cleaning without double-sided washing.

Proprietary "Natural Protector" Soothing/Moisturizing Ingredients (Centella asiatica extract, fermented soybean extract, white willow bark extract, cypress leaf extract, Sennin koku seed extract, safflower flower extract, purslane extract common, Scutellaria root extract, cypress leaf extract, peppermint leaf extract, persimmon leaf extract, Japanese red pine leaf extract) combination. Softens rough skin and troubled skin, leaving skin hydrated. Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Pearl extract Moisturizing and brightening effect for moist, luminous and radiant skin. Honey extract, aloe vera juice Softens the skin with a high moisturizing effect and prepares the skin. an external research institute. Name of test research institute: College of Medicine, Chungnam National University Dermatology

Trial period: September 29 to October 3, 2014

How to use

1. Apply an appropriate amount to wet hands and lather.

2. Gently roll the foam on the skin to thoroughly clean it.

3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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